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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Creative Gift Ideas

Your good friend just got engaged. Your (insert here: sorority sister, camp friend, girl you’ve known since 2nd grade) spent a few Sunday afternoons dragging her fiancé through Bloomingdales and Williams Sonoma, lying to him and herself about all the cooking she will do in the future. She demanded a new Wok set, those trendy square plates that are too small and of course a set of fancy martini glasses. As we pointed out in our earlier blog, registering is an important part of the wedding process and most guests do buy gifts off of the registry. But, leave those gifts for their families, their parents' friends and for the people who truly lack a creative side.

If you are the MOH, bridesmaid or you are close friends with the newly engaged couple


Take 20 minutes out of your precious time and think of a creative engagement gift! Think about how much better it is to get a gift you will really enjoy, instead of 6 out of a set of 12 glasses. But more importantly, when it's your turn, you will get a great gift in return.

Here are some Brideline ideas that vary in cost and cater to different personalities:
*we understand some ideas might be costly so chip in with some friends - don't spend all your money, you still have shower and wedding gifts to buy *

Date NightFor the couple who needs a night out. Get a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant (or one you would recommend) and tickets to an event (comedy club, movie tickets).

Weekend VacationFor the couple who never takes a vacation. Get them a weekend away at a Bed and Breakfast or even one night in a hotel in the city they live in.

Activity for their HoneymoonFor the couple who has already planned their honeymoon. What is better than being on your honeymoon and still getting things for free? Book services at the hotel, such as massages, golf lessons, dinner gift certificate, scuba lessons, etc.

Private ChefFor the couple who loves to cook. Private chef will come to your apartment and show you how to cook meals. In NY, we recommend

Personal Stylist - For the couple who wants to look hot. Get them a gift certificate for salon services or personal shoppers. In Chicago, we recommend

Dance ClassesFor the couple too embarrassed to dance in public. We all know those guys with 2 left feet, and the girls who look like Elaine from Seinfeld in their wedding videos. Get the couple dance classes for the wedding.

Framed Piece of Art/SculptureFor the artsy couple. Choose a piece of art you know the couple will love and have it framed. A gift they will have for the rest of their lives.

Engagement Photo SessionFor the couple who loves to post Facebook photos. Many photographers offer engagement photo sessions, but if theirs doesn’t, buy them a set. No one likes to admit it, but everyone loves pictures of themselves.

Wine Classes/Wine of the Month/Wine Box of FirstsFor the couple that loves to drink. Get them a few wine tasting classes, a membership to a wine of the month club or pick out some wines and label them for every major occasion in their future. You can even include a set of glasses and a high tech corkscrew (people love those).

Spa Services - For the stressed out couple. Get them a couples massage.

Other (more reasonably priced) gift ideas: We recommend
Personalized stationary for all thank you cards

Ring Holders, Jewelry Cleaner, Wedding Magazines

Monogrammed photo album/engraved frames

Wedding Planner book/Wedding countdown calendar
Another Great Site for All Your Gift Needs

Let's Hear it for the Boys!

Look no further for creative ideas that appeal to men. Men are part of this wedding process too! Check out:

The Man Registry
not only has tons of gifts for your man, (electronics, barbecue grills and accessories, bar supplies, tools and outdoors gear and items from favorite sports teams) it also has wedding tips and advice for grooms and the groom's wedding party – tips on best man speeches, groom-friendly wedding shower ideas and bachelor party games. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

These ideas are great, but it probably makese sense to split with friends since it may be costly. I especially love the vacation idea.

Anonymous said...

Good point to bring up - what is the appropriate amount to spend on a wedding gift? Whether you're single or with a date? Do you take into account if you've had to travel, or how much they've spent on the wedding?

Jill Cohen and Lauren Mintz said...

Thank you for the questions. In our opinion - the appropriate amount is one that you are comfortable spending. Some factors to consider are: how close you are with the couple, if there were travel expenses, and if you brought a date. If you had to fly and pay for a hotel, it is understandable that the wedding gift would be less - after all, the couple is asking you to pay money to get to their event. You should definitely give more money if you bring a date ( usually about double or almost double).

Clings4Drinks said...

Check out this idea for the engagement~ its inexpensive, and perfect for pre-wedding parties as well as the reception and use at home after the honeymoon!


These ideas are great, but it probably makese sense to split with friends since it may be costly. I especially love the

vacation idea!

Alice Thomson said...

Creative gift ideas are the best types of gifts. These can show your uniqueness and give a great bond with the gift recipient. Not only does finding just the right gift work out well for the gift receiver, it also can be a source of pride for the gift giver.