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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to Bridelines!

Bridelines is where brides and their friends come together to share stories, ask questions, share information and most importantly, vent about each other.

Is she really having 2 bridal showers?
Why is she making me spend $300 on a dress I'll wear once?
Do I have to go to her destination bachelorette party?

We've all had these thoughts. You are fooling yourself if you say you haven't, and it doesn’t matter if you are married, single or engaged. It's almost wedding season and whether you like it or not...its time for the rehearsal dinner speeches, pink taffeta dresses and games of bridal bingo at showers. It’s a fact – the wedding process (from the engagement up until the “I do’s”) are exhausting and expensive for your friends. But…that’s what you do for your friends, and they do it in return.

Whether you are a bride this summer, or a bridesmaid (for the 12th time), Bridelines will guide you through this season and beyond.

We know weddings are ultimately about the bride. Bridelines is a place for brides to ask questions and receive helpful and practical advice about all your bridal needs and desires. Bridelines is also a place for friends of brides to vent (anonymously, of course) or share funny stories, memorable moments or pieces of advice to other stressed-out friends of a bride.

Please share with us your stories from both sides of the bouquet! Post below with topic ideas or email us at

To Being Friends After Your I Do's


futbolgoddess said...

I would like to think that I was not a bridezilla but I did make my girls wear pink Taffetta dresses. As a bride I thought, who cares, my pictures turned out great. But now that I am a bridesmaid... I want black cocktail dresses that I can wear again and again since im paying $200+ for it. There has to be a happy medium, no?

Anonymous said...

I know of a bride that did not want her sister in law to take part in the ceremony because she was heavy. You can guess , the couple is now divorced.

Anonymous said...

What do you buy the bride who has been married several times? Certainly she has gotten her share of blenders, picture frames and china. Any suggestions would be aprreciated.

Anonymous said...

A bathing suit coverup or cute dress for the beach honeymoon is a great gift. No one needs that many picture frames, wine glasses, or china.