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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pin the Macho on the Man - in Mexico?

Even though the economy is tumbling and layoffs are trendier than Twitter, destination Bachelorette Parties are still the big thing - groups of 20-something and 30-something girls - dancing on a bar like they were in college...what could be better?!

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Is it a fun-filled "spring break-esque" weekend or an awkward 3-day event you wish you could forget? A weekend with your 4 best friends or a weekend with 12 married women you've never met before (and you're the only single one)? A weekend that cost you more than that pair of Jimmy Choo shoes you've been saving for since your last bonus?

For all of your MOHs who have to plan this weekend - we know it is hard to create the brides picture perfect party while maintaining a budget are some pointers:

(1) Location and Hotels
The bride-to-be should choose a location, but with the understanding that not everyone will be able to attend. Being a good bride (and a good friend) requires being considerate of your friends finances and respecting their decisions. Once a location is set, call around for hotel deals for large groups.

(2) Meals and Restaurants
It is unnecessary (and expensive) to have multiple nice dinners. There are plenty of restaurants in every location that are reasonable and still serve good food. Make sure to make reservations ahead of time. Pre-fix menus are also a good option.

(3) Cost and Money Collection
Once restaurant reservations are made, and you can guesstimate the cost of meals, it is a good idea to collect a chunk of money beforehand so you are not handing the waiter 10 credit cards or asking the one girl who doesn't drink to keep chipping in for shots the drunk MOH keeps ordering. This may seem like a slight annoyance beforehand, but it makes the weekend much easier and people are less stressed because they do not have to think about money.

(4) Rooms
Do not put girls in a room together who have hated each other since the first day of sorority rush, and do not put your most bitchy friend with your shy cousin. Both are mean. DUH.

(5) Games
Please post suggestions for games to play with the bride-to-be.
One suggestion: everyone buys the bride-to-be a pair of underwear that somehow describes their friendship and bride-to-be has to guess whom it is from.

(6) Gifts
We know, we know...another expense, but this one is thoughtful - not forced. It is not necessary, but always appreciated from the bride-to-be. Scrapbooks, dvds or cd's with pictures/music for the bride-to-be are cute gifts that she can have forever.

Destination Bachelorete Parties can be wonderful girls weekends, but if poorly planned - you may end up with 12 whiners. Gross.

Please send us ( any funny, cute, embarrassing or horrible stories about destination bachelorette weekends you've attended...or post to the blog!


Anonymous said...

Some games that I've played at multiple bachelorette parties are:

1. Ask the groom-to-be a set of questions and then ask the bride-to-be the same questions at the bachelorette party and see if they have the same answers. Everytime she gets one right, friends drink. Everytime she gets one wrong, she drinks.

2. Scavenger hunt to all of the bride-to-be favorite locations or locations relating to her and the groom.

Anonymous said...

I think destination bachelorette parties are for your BEST BEST friends and family only.

Anonymous said...

As a MOH, I planned a fun-filled, activity packed 3 night trip to Miami (of course, the bride's idea!) And yes, it was a vacation for all of us, and we got a hotel deal - but even with teh discount, I found the bride totally (and unnecessarily) opinionated about where we should stay. They cant have their cake and eat it too - (only on their wedding day!) If you go to Miami and pay for flight, dinners, clubs, you dont need to stay at the Raleigh Hotel! The bride, in my case, however did pick up 1 dinner tab (thanks mother of the bride - and dresses to boot!) But my main complaint was even after I made all the upscale, trendy dinner reservations - the bride was so wrapped up in her wedding diet, she hardly even ate! Note to bride - either go off your diet for a weekend, or dont have an opinion about where youre going to eat because you wont be eating much anyway!

Anonymous said...

We gave our bride-to-be a honeymoon bag at her destination bachelorette party. Whether its a tote or a longchamp - each bridesmaid filled it with things associated with the bride or honeymoon - such as flipflops, books, travel guides, monogrammed towel/robe, underwater camera, and of course some great lingerie!

Anonymous said...

I'm in a wedding this summer and someone threw out this idea... I'm floored that people actually think this is something people should do!!! The whole wedding process is sooo expensive and indulgent as is (which I totally get)... why find another way we can drop an additional grand??? I don't get it!! What ever happened to a fun night on the town with your favorite ladies??

Anonymous said...

Please post some fun games to play at a bachelorette party!!
I need some help planning.

Anonymous said...

Game ideas:

Go through the alphabet (a-z) and everyone says a boy they have kissed that starts with that name. If you don't have a boy with that letter - you drink.

Give the bride a list of dares to do, such as handcuffing herself to a boy in a bar, asking for a kiss from the guy that looks most like her fiance, etc.

Everyone has to tell one funny story about the bride - give a prize to the person with the funniest/best story.

Kareoke always works if theres nothing else...