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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bride Guide


Your friends truly do want to share in your happiness, but as with most things, there are certain topics whose details don’t need to be broadcast to the entire “Oprah-viewing” public. Your friends, or even your maid-oh-honor doesn't need the play-by-play of you and your mother-in-law in the boxing ring over flowers. Pink or yellow flowers; tall centerpieces or short? To be honest, your friends do not care about the flowers, in any size or color. However, there are plenty of wedding aspects your friends do care about and want to share with you, within reason. This wedding is still, and will always be about you, but you must remember only your life revolves around it.

Here is an opportunity for all you brides to share your stories with each other. What are you most excited about? How do you calm your nerves? How do you stay organized?

Who is better to talk about this with than other brides?

To Being Friends After Your I Do's


Anonymous said...

As someone who has been to a ton of weddings I know that the band can really make or break the entire event. I am recently engaged and looking for great bands in the NY area. I have looked at a few but am totally open to suggestions. Any recommendations?

Anonymous said...

Yes-- The Touch. They are a great band that almost performs like a cover-band. They play anything and everything, but I think their specialty is in 80's (or at least they played a lot at the wedding I attended). They're awesome and I can't wait to see them at another wedding!!

HannahB said...

I am a professional classical singer and have sung for many different weddings of all kinds. So far, knock on wood, I've never had a bride run up to me and tell me where to crescendo, or hold a note longer. I always come prepared, rehearsed, and ready to make a special moment even more memorable. So, when I got married last year, I had to remember that as long as I did my research and made clear choices, I could be assured that my vendors would do a great job because they were professionals. If you want a reason to freak out before your wedding, have your friend's friend make the wedding cake and hope it turns out right, otherwise, hire professionals for the piece of mind! It's their livelihood, not some random hobby.