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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Always a Bridesmaid...

What would you do if your friend chose one of these bridesmaid dresses? We suggest you stop being friends with her, if you haven't already.


We know the examples above are extreme -bordering on completely ridiculous - but they are real and someone thought they would make their pictures look good.

There are some very generous brides who pay for the bridesmaid dresses and those brides are allowed to choose whatever dress they want. However, since most of the time, you are paying, you should have some input.

Which dresses will you wear again? How much is a reasonable cost? Have you had to match shoes or jewelry? Who decided on the bridesmaid dresses - you or the bride?

We'd love any stories and photos of the good, the bad or the really bad (as long as your bride-friend will still talk to you afterwards).


Anonymous said...

I've never had someone pay for my dress, but if a bride is going to do that, I will wear any of those dresses in the pictures...
Otherwise, something reasonably priced and/or something I'd wear again is the preference. Also, since not everyone is a size 2--bring a variety of friends to the bridesmaid dress shopping day.

Anonymous said...

Here's my preference, in order:

(1) Do not have bridesmaid dresses. They are for the benefit of your pictures, and not for your friends. That's just wrong! Plus, who wants to wear the same thing as another person at a wedding? The only people who like doing that are six year old girls!

(2) Pick a color (preferably black or some other flattering neutral), and let everyone get whatever dress they want. It's okay if they are slightly different shades, it will still look nice, and set the bridesmaids apart from the other guests.

(3) Buy the dresses you picked out for your bridesmaids. This is the classiest option for those brides set on having bridesmaid dresses.

(4) NO OPTION 4! No one wants to buy a bridesmaid dress. It can't be flattering on everyone, they all scream "bridesmaid dress," so you can't wear it again and you just end up throwing it away.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the paying for your bridesmaid's dresses. That was done once for me, and it takes away the negative feeling towards the bride for making you wear something you wouldnt normally purchase. Really - what does it add to the overall wedding cost? If that isn't feasible, allow them to choose a dress in 1 color, or a color scheme. Happy and comfortable bridesmaids are key!

Oh, and never ever ever choose a 2 piece dress or a bridesmaid dress with a train. Its hideous, uncomfortable, and only brides should have to bustle their dresses!

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, a girl (we'll call her Anna) was a bridesmaid in a wedding for bride (we'll call her Bessy). Anna had to wear a this very tragic dress with a too many ruffles, a huge pink bow, and puffy sleeves, (pretty much, everything you wouldnt ever want to wear). The Bessy and Anna were at a wedding together a few years later, when Anna's new boyfriend starts telling Bessy and her husband about some hedious dress he found in Anna's closet. Boyfriend is going on and going about how ridiculous this dress is and how/why would anyone ever ask their best friend to wear it. Anna is almost hiding under the table...because...unbeknowst to Boyfriend, the dress is Bessy's bridesmaid dress from her wedding! Ooops!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oh dear. Those are horrendous. I'm not sure which one is the worst! Brides - let your ladies pick their dresses (i.e. pick a colour and let them pick something that suits their body!)