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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Calling All You Pretty NY Brides-to-be!

Brides Local Magazines is looking for an engaged couple in the New York City/New Jersey area to appear in the Spring/Summer issue's "Find Our Wedding Style" story. You can check out an example of the feature on their Facebook page and in the current issue on stands now, but in a nutshell here's how it works:

They photograph an engaged couple's apartment and basedon elements from their home (pictures, furniture, knick-knacks, etc.), they create ideas for their wedding. Note: the couple is not required to use any of their ideas, and it's okay if they already have elements of their wedding in place. The purpose of the story is to show readers how items from their day to day life can inspire great ideas, and how their interior design aesthetic can be translated into wedding details. (all those trips to Anthropologie were not a waste!).

Fancy or large home not required
(thank you for considering us 400 sq feeters!). They are looking for a style they will have fun working with. All that's required from the couple is an afternoon for our team to come over and take photos. (very Sex and the City!)

This story will run in all 16 of the markets including Brides New York and Brides New Jersey.
If you're interested, please email The following should be included in the email:

wedding date
wedding location
any thoughts you already have about your wedding
a brief description about what you feel your style is
five to seven photos of your home (a few wide shots and close ups of any details they feel are particularly "them")
and one picture of you so we can get a sense of who you are and what your living space is like.
(try to look your prettiest)

To be considered, submissions must arrive by Monday, August 17th.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Don’t let jitters make you a quitter

Another post from a male guest blogger!

Pre-wedding jitters are a funny thing, because sometimes even the most sensible of people get them. My fiancĂ©e is one of the most level-headed of people I’ve ever met (one of the many reasons I love her). As a person, she thinks through everything and is a very rational person (which balances out me being an occasional irrational spazz). So it was much to my surprise that the other day she said she had a moment of freakout about our upcoming pre-wedding (we’re getting married in Mexico in November, so we decided to get our marriage license this week on the anniversary of our first date; according to the guvment we’ll officially be hitched, but our wedding won’t be for another 4 months).

After we talked a while, we discovered together that her freakout wasn’t as much her fearing a life bound to me (although many women would … god love her for finding my foibles and idiosyncrasies cute), but instead simply a fleeting bout of nerves emanating from the thought of how to account for everything that might happen to us down the road.

On the face of it, marriage does seem a bit unnatural. I mean, I can’t even commit to buying the same peanut butter or shampoo, so how can I expect to remain committed to a person who has changing moods, health, jobs, etc., with the whole dynamic getting even crazier when you add kids to the mix. You’d think that all that variability would scare the living crap out of all of us. And some of us it actually does, but it doesn’t need to.

My mom was an ordained minister for years, and she has mentioned that the reasons people get the jitters (and in extreme cases cold feet) are due to a few things. First, they fear the change that marriage will bring. Most of us have many routines, myself included. Every morning if I don’t floss, brush my teeth, shower, get dressed, walk the dogs, eat my Puffins cereal (excellent organic stuff, and the PB version is like the adult version of PB Captain Crunch without all the extra sugar or calories) and read my e-paper (in that order), I feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable, akin to putting on my underwear inside out. Most people are also creatures of habit, and getting married is possibly the biggest change in someone’s life, especially if you haven’t already lived together.

However, the thing to remember is that clinging to a routine and habit is a grasp at the familiar and safe, and few people have discovered true happiness without putting themselves out there and taking a leap of faith. And remember, getting married isn’t a risk as long as you really know and love the person you’re marrying. I would bet that your sig other is probably the person you adore most on this planet, and they’re not a scary person (unless they’re a trained assassin or something, and then you have a whole other set of issues that we don’t have time to discuss here). In fact, they’re the opposite; they want to bring you happiness, comfort, joy and all those other great, mushy feelings. I guess what I’m saying here is, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Nuf said.

The second reason people get a bit shaky about the future is they start thinking about all the “what ifs,” many of which aren’t even based in reality. What if my husband gets terminally ill? What if my wife has stroke and I can’t cope with it? What if he cheats on me (even though he’s never, ever shown anything that would even remotely make you suspicious)? What if we hit upon a problem (often money-related) that drives us apart? To be honest, you can “what if” yourself into the ground for practically anything, but when it comes to a commitment for the rest of your life, the supply of “what ifs” is infinite. Which is why this line of inquiry can only lead down a dark road. You can never prepare for anything and everything that marriage will throw at you. But you can pick the partner who you know will be the perfect companion to help you face all those “what ifs.” So before you start asking all those questions, ask yourself if this is the best person to help you face all the “what ifs” that may come up. Chances are the answer is “yes.”

About the blogger
Our guest blogger Jeff is co-owner of My Wedding Workbook, a free
online wedding planning toolkit that helps engaged couples manage all their wedding details. He also has his own wedding blog called Groomasaurus, which offers a groom’s take on planning a wedding.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bridal Shower Rant

Bridal Showers.

Were they invented by the same gift-receiving geniuses who created Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy?

Yet another way for your friends to spend money on you!

To no surprise, bridal showers are mostly an American custom. No other country is as obsessed with gifts or rituals where the main goal is to tell a bride how wonderful she is - as she thanks all her mother’s friends for every candlestick, picture frame and serving platter that she ordered for herself.

Do you know anyone who really enjoys attending showers (when it's not your own)? From our research, the bridal shower seems one of the more dreaded events of the wedding process (right next to holding up the bride's gown while she pees).

Not surprisingly, most women would rather spend their weekend doing a number of things (including watching their boyfriend follow his fantasy teams online while serving him nachos and beer) rather than watching a friend open 200 gifts and having fake conversations with women you’ve never met. But, as with our other wedding related obligations, we are required to spend a Sunday making hats out of ribbons and playing bridal bingo.

What's the deal with bridal bingo? Do we really have to compete over who knows the bride best? What does her favorite food or color have to do with her decision to walk down the aisle?

For anyone attending a bridal are some thoughts regarding gifts.

DO NOT make opening gifts difficult.

Please don’t wrap a box, in a box, in a box, in a box! It is not a fun game. The bride is going to spend too long opening presents-as her grandmother is snoring in the corner and her friends are drinking Bellini’s, hoping to pass the time.* Do not do anything to your gift that will require more than the quick read of a card and the voracious tearing of wrapping paper.

DO think of creative gift ideas.

Recipe books are a great idea. Have all the bridesmaids write down recipes and buy something cooking related with it or buy the couple a cooking class. Gift certificates for restaurants for the couple to use on their honeymoon or activities for the couple to do while on their honeymoon are also nice ideas – wine tasting, golf, scuba.

The way we see it….bridal showers are like adult tea parties. No, not the type of tea parties that exists in England with scones – the type you have when you are 8 years old with imaginary muffins and tiny saucers filled with imaginary chamomile tea. Just as you were the only one having fun at your imaginary tea party....chances are you (and maybe your mother and siblings) are the only one having fun at your shower. **

* Please note, we highly recommend that you serve alcohol at your shower. While your mother may think it's tacky, your friends will be much more fun and willing to participate after a bloody mary and a mimosa! This is a guarantee.

** Sorry for the negativity, but come on ladies....even if you had a bridal shower and it was great, you know in the back of your head you agree!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank You!!

We want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for Bridelines. We are so lucky to have such wonderful readers, fans, family and friends. It was a close race and in the end, although we did not win by number of votes, we did win “The Editors Pick” award! We assume that is like the Miss. Congeniality award for wedding planning and we are proud to accept! Thank you again for taking the time to vote and for your continued support. We are excited and hopeful for good things to come for Bridelines in the future.

We want to give a special thanks to Amy Jean of The Relentless Bride for her support and keeping us sane during voting! Amy Jean is the Director of Weddzilla Blog (where we are featured bloggers). Check out her
RelentlessBride blog and our posts on Weddzilla! Congratulations to all the other finalists and we look forward to working with everyone.

Jill and Lauren

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Road to the Altar with Urkel!

We know the hustle and bustle of getting ready for a wedding is overwhelming for the bride, (and undoubtedly everyone else involved), but everyone once in a while you need to laugh at yourself. We found this cute web series Road to the Altar, starring Jaleel White (Family Matters) and Leyna Juliet Weber (As The World Turns) online and thought you might enjoy! There are 10 episodes, with new episodes launched on Mondays.

Also they are doing a really fun sweepstakes giving away a $1000 gift card to Pier 1or prizes from iRobots and Tyler Candles, might make great bridal party gifts!

Check out the links:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Please Don't Stop the Music

We have all been to those weddings where the music is geared more towards the Little Richard generation and less towards the Lil Wayne generation. Not that there isn’t something to be said about the oldies. “Run Around Sue” is favorite and anytime a Jackson 5 song comes on, you can be sure the dance floor is filled. However, 5 hours of oldies is fitting for a retirement party not your wedding party.

Brideliners are wondering...did you choose those songs or did you get bullied into it by your parents? Did your grandfather request swing all night so he could show off his skills from his Army days? Did your mom say she wouldn’t pay if you didn’t play the Four Seasons and Barry White?

Our opinion is...that if you have group of adults who love dancing, they will dance to anything. You can put on “Rock Around the Clock,” “Sexy Back,” or the “Chicken Dance” and that 50+ group will be on the floor, shaking their hips. We have witnessed 60 year olds getting down and singing “They try to make me go to rehab, I said no no no” so we are pretty sure that the oldies generation is just happy to still be up and moving.

However, the Justin Timberlake generation isn’t so forgiving. If your friends do not like the music at your wedding, they will sit there, pout and talk about you behind your back. We want fun music and that doesn’t mean only Britney and Miley. Request music that you grew up with – who doesn’t love “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Sweet Caroline"?! Bon Jovi is always a big hit, especially at the Dirty Jerz weddings. One of the most important things for a couple at their wedding is that all their friends are happy, dancing and drinking.

It is one of your first big decisions as an engaged couple. Don’t screw it up!

In light of recent events, we want to highlight some great Michael Jackson songs – perfect for weddings or just dancing by yourself!
Our favorites are:
“The Way You Make Me Feel”
“I Want You Back”
“Billie Jean”
“Black or White”

Here is a hilarious video of a bridal party dancing to “Thriller.” Love how they shove the “bad” people in the back. "Bad" meaning those friends who clearly didn't take their bridal party duties serious enough to practice in front of the mirror every night.

Tell us your favorite wedding songs to dance to!