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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bridelines Hearts JCPenney Registry

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

That is all a wedding is really about and we know, it becomes stressful! One of the first decisions is where to register and what to register for. We have blogged about this before and the most important part of registering is organization.

Brides…you must be organized not only for yourself, but for those buying you gifts. Make sure your registry is varied in cost and content. This means do not go to a store that only has very expensive things. You won't get the gifts you wanted and you will sit home crying to yourself because you didn't get that (name something fancy). But…no one feels bad for you.

Guests…we know you want your gift buying experience to be effortless and fast. You want a one-stop shop with only a few clicks required.
So…here’s how we found out about JCPenney...
Our friend told us she was registered there so we went to the websites and snooped around. Our friend loves making smoothies – she is one of those natural foodies. We saw that she registered for a food blender/processor and we knew the one she was using was old. We purchased the blender for her at 9:12pm and it arrived exactly 36 hours later. JCPenney offers free gift wrapping for some gifts over $49. The process was simple and smooth (pun intended) for a guest and the gift arrived in a very timely manner for the couple.

Go to the website and in the center of the screen is “Gifts + Registry.” Click that! You can create, update or shop. Continue on with your shopping as it applies to you – the bride or the guest. JCPenney has a easy-to-read layout and is simple enough for your grandma to use. After all, she is going to buy you the nice bedding you want.

And now for the fun part…one lucky reader will win a $100 gift to JCPenney. All we ask is that you sign up for your own registry on JCPenney, and then you are eligible to win. After you sign up, please send us your confirmation email and this will enter you into the contest.
Contest ends on August 15th 2009.

Happy Shopping!


Princess Christy said...

I have a JCP registry, but never got an email :-/ Is there another way for me to enter?

Bridelines said...

If you can prove that you have a registry, (giving us a username and password or screenshot of your registry, etc) you can enter the contest. Just email us at