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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Say Yes to Which Dress?

Choosing your wedding dress might be the hardest decision of your entire wedding process.

Princess? Lace? Sheath? Basque waist?

If you go on any wedding website, the advice on how to choose your dress begins with “envisioning your wedding.” “Envisioning” is not for those girls whose mothers did their art projects, whose roommates decorated their first apartment or for those girls who cannot go shopping without asking every saleswoman in the store if the outfit looks good. Envisioning only works for fashionistas or artists.

So if you aren’t an “envisionary” and you haven’t been thinking about your wedding since age 6…how do you know what kind of bride you are?

What if you have never even opened a bridal magazine in your life?

Bridal gowns are not like any other dresses you’ve ever worn, so it is difficult to compare, but begin by thinking about what shapes are flattering for your body type.

Do you love you shoulders and collar bone area?
Maybe strapless is best for you.

Do you hate your hips and complain that your butt is fat?
Maybe sheath and form fitting isn’t the direction you should go.

Are you very petite?
Maybe a huge cupcake dress is a bit overpowering for your frame.

If you choose a style you have worn before, at least you know you will feel like yourself and not have a panic attack while getting dressed on your wedding day. (leave the panic attack for when your flowers aren't delivered on time or your band leader comes down with strep). Think about how you feel dancing. Some fabrics are heavy and if you are a sweat-er, you may want a lighter fabric. Or...if you like heavy fabric, but you do sweat, you can get those Botox shots that stop your sweat glands from producing sweat.

Some styles are more restrictive. Picture it…Donna Martin dressed as a mermaid for the 90210 Senior Year Halloween Party. She could not walk, but she did look hot. If looking hot is more important than comfort, think about the styles you feel most sexy in.

You will find the dress that is right for you, whether it takes 1 store or 15 stores. You can always turn on TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” if you are feeling confused or stressed…every other bride is just as confused and stressed as you are!


heathere said...

This is a great article; it's tough to envision your wedding when you've only thought about saying 'yes' to the ring! Thanks for an insightful and friendly way to approach saying yes to the dress.

Bird said...

Very helpful post! I'm just starting the search, the first dress here is stunning. Thank you for the tips!